10 May 2016 23:16:40
Hi eds,
Really appreciate the work you all do. Was just wondering if you had any knowledge of what Cardiffs managerial shortlist is?

Names being suggested at the moment are not exactly positive.

Thanks for any insight.

{Ed001's Note - the only thing I know is that Bellamy has applied for the job, but I don't know if he is even under consideration. Sorry that is not much help.}

1.) 11 May 2016
11 May 2016 11:02:03
The U21s manager, Kevin Nicholson, has just got his UEFA Pro License, maybe he will put his hat in the ring too.

2.) 11 May 2016
11 May 2016 14:39:28
Both are food for thought so thanks. Seems like all the rumours around the role are quite unambitious which is worrying.

{Ed001's Note - Kevin Nicholson is a very highly rated coach. Not so sure about Bellers tactically and my worry is more the influence of Slade still hanging around, than who comes in.}

3.) 13 May 2016
13 May 2016 13:39:27
From what I've read his role seems very limited with little interaction with the squad. A bit of a thank you to keep him sweet. Don't know if that's just optimistic bias though. Do you know much about Robbie neilson? Sounds one of the more promising links.