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05 Jun 2015 15:20:41
Liverpool Football Club are rumoured to be after 2 goal keepers, Adam Bogdan who's out of contract at Bolton FC and David Marshall of Cardiff City to replace Brad Jones. 

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05 Jun 2015 10:35:24
Charlton Athletic have enquirred about the possibility of signing French Right midfielder Claudio Beauvue. The Right winger is often described in his home country as having Reams of skill and is believed to be the exact player Charlton look to accquire this summer.

Beauvue met Charlton Chief Executive earlier in the season at Cardiff to discuss a possible transfer and it is understood the two share a very good relationship. 

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26 May 2015 13:36:00
Cardiff are interested in signing 27 goal Ipswich striker Daryl Murphy. 

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24 May 2015 10:57:20
Leeds rumoured to be bidding for Cardiff Goalkeeper Simon Moore.

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24 May 2015 10:57:20
Leeds manager, Uwe Rosler is supposedly after Goalkeeper Simon Moore from Cardiff City. 

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23 May 2015 09:47:30
i heard we could be after whittingham and mason from Cardiff City.

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20 May 2015 19:28:45
Bristol City appear to be interested in Newport County's Regan Poole, with Scouts watching him whilst on tour with Liverpool's Under 18s. The young and talented defender is also being looked at by Cardiff City, Manchester United and Fulham.

Newport will not let him go for a small fee however, and have put a price tag of £200,000 on the young players head. 

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15 May 2015 16:18:30
Wolves are to sign striker Joe Mason from Cardiff City.

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14 May 2015 07:44:40
Neal Ardley may be tempted to look at 23 year old versatile Defender/Midfielder Jonathan Meades, recently released by Oxford United. Meades previously worked with Ardley at Cardiff City and won AFC Wimbledon's Young player of the year award in Ardley's maiden, 2012/13 season with The Dons. Highly regarded by Wimbledon fans, his ability to play in a number of positions in both defence and midfield could make him an attractive proposition. However, injury concerns could rule a contract offer out and make a pre season trial more likely. 

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12 May 2015 09:39:54
Swindon have agreed to sell Massimo Luongo to Aston Villa for 4 million, in return the club will get several highly rated young players in return.

Ben Gladwin is subject to several bids from Championship clubs, Bristol City are the favourites.

Yasser Kassim is off to wolves and Wes fodderingham is a target for West Brom on a free transfer.

Cardiff city are tracking nathan byrne and Norwich are looking at club captain Nathan Thompson where he could link up with his younger brother who signed for them earlier in the season.

Andy Williams is out of contract and several clubs in the championship want his signature, but if the club go up he will stay at the club. 

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11 Jan 2015 21:00:57
Cardiff are leading the chase to sign Chelsea youth starlet Islam Feruz on loan.

Javi Guerra set to join Deportivo la Coruna. Jo Inge Berget, Fabio, Kagisho Dikgacoi, Kim Bo-Kyung, Guido Burgstaller and Nicky Maynard also set to leave.

Also looking at strikers such as Chesterfields' Eoin Doyle and AZ Alkmaars' Muamer Tankovic.

central-midfielder Stephane Badji has also been linked with Cardiff along with Gabonese defender Yrondu Musavu-King

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About time they had a clear out

I wonder if a Cardiff player did what di Maria di to the ref how long his ban would be, be interesting to see if Manchester united players get special treatment, didn't Paulo dicanio get a 10 match ban

When you think a player gets the same yellow card for minor offences as a dangerous tackle the rules need to looked at. Even 50 - 50 tackles one player often takes the blame . For goodness sake use the same video in rugby or give a certain number of appeals to each side to use . Even if it was for penalty and red car decisions .

Video evidence would save the players rolling over reacting to make sure they get the opponent is sent off.

If you think about it players do pretty well not to react to many situation I much prefer a ref who has a quite word with a player but like all of us today the are being assessed and have to go by the laws.

It does make you wonder when everyone in a ground except the officials can see what

Wanted by the football association referees, £80000 a year knowledge of the game could be helpfull but not essential .

Train Alan shearer as a ref, hope he would do better than he did as a manager at newcastle .

What is the point of increasing the number of home grown players in the premier league, they are watched by every country who people follow their countrymen, like us following Madrid because of Gareth bale . Beside training and playing alongside top quality must make one better . The real reason we aren't as good is the desire isn't there a lot of our kids have it to easy.

Clubs buy players from abroad because to avoid vat . When you look at the millions Cardiff have spent it makes sense to produce our own but how many clubs have players in their teams via the youth scheme very few. Anyone signed for big money gets recognized more than a loyal player . To me that bosman rule is crazy .

I just wonder if you put van Gaul in charge of Cardiff with no money to spend how would he do.

10 Jan 2015 18:16:35
Hi rumours going round Marshall wants to go everton any truth ed

{Ed001's Note - he has made it known he would be interested if Everton can agree a deal, yes.}

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Yeh we want him apparently 6 mil

Would he be a big loss to uses

01 Jan 2015 10:01:21
Hi ed any truth in Marshall going to everton cheers ed

{Ed002's Note - Not that I am aware.}

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Can't see as he's out injured for 4weeks with a hernia operation!!

Everton fan we do need a good goalkeeper like him

29 Dec 2014 07:00:28
Ally McCoist to Cardiff next month.

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No chance

Would anyone want the job. You could put a top prem league manager in and the results could be the same.

Certain clubs supporters demand decent football, unless a team has forwards with pace and could vary their play defensive football is boring. When Chelsea park the bus it's ok anyone else is ridiculed. Let's give. More points for goals scored. At last it looks like Cardiff supporters and board are pulling in the same direction.

It's not rocket science to see Harry rednapp left on an agreement before he was sacked, otherwise why not leave at the begining of the transfer window, thank goodness he never ended up at Cardiff.

If you go to a match then watch the highlights especially on bbc it's often like a different game making one team look better than they really had were. Statistics quoted all the time mean nothing if a game is lost.

What great news all the sky and bt money going into football, let's hope it filters down to loyal supporter of all clubs who actually go to football at today's high prices. What about giving all season ticket holders 25 percent discount. How many would love to go to a match but can't afford it. Yet some clubs still have empty terraces.

I have been to clubs. Where they are collecting money in buckets yet still paying stupid money to players. Let's hope this 5 billion ect is used wisely no doubt most will be spent on players. One thing for sure we won't be getting any discount on our season tickets.

Let's hope the sky and bt money doesn't move big time to another country in a few years, with all the money in football many clubs like lots of company's are just paying interest on huge over debt. You have to hand it to sky who have put many sports in the public eye. But will the bubble burst one day.

02 Oct 2014 15:24:09
Sir Terry Matthews is to buy out Vincent Tan later this month.

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What's wrong with football owners lose a fortune, managers can't comment on a incident even if it's the truth, players changing shirts or a sending off get more media attention than perhaps a good game, statistics are given which are worth nothing when a stroke of luck wins a game. Apart from us fans there is no loyalty in football.

We are all being priced out of football, many would love to attend matches but just watch it on tv, what will be the effect long term who knows,

Would love to see tan out, he has destryed the clubs soul.
Hard to believe though.

Vincent tan a spent a fortune at Cardiff has it been for an ego trip or an investment, more likely it been a lesson money doesn't always buy sucksess or love.

Without the atmosphere the crowd creates football would not be the same my guess is Most supporters wil be watching games on tv with empty grounds. Ordinary workers cannot afford it anymore let alone, taking their children.

They always said when football went on tv it would finish football now tv money even keeps non league teams going. No doubt the bubble will burst like everything in life. What a great job sky have done. Have Cardiff got more supporters in the far east than wales ?

Ok Vincent tan has invested a fortune in the club, the dispute over the club colours goes on, why not compromise and let the away team kit be the original blue possible keeping the supporters happy, otherwise the problem will never go away. Palace supporter

If the team had kept in the prem league mr tan would have said it was down to the dragon and his red colours, sad to say its not working. Let's just get behind the players.

A new manager can do well if he inherits a good squad or as the top 4 who buy sucksess. Vincent tan must give time to the new guy or throw away another 100 million with no guarantee of making the promised land.

99. 9% of all the moaner's are NOT even Cardiff City supporters. The vast majority of True supporters couldn't care less what colour the squad play in.

You only have to look at the empty spaces in some of the grounds even at reduced prices. Without the spectators the atmosphere is rubbish, cardiff could have made more by offering free entree to anyone buying a program against colchester. It would be better to zone the f, a cup in the early rounds.

Let's hope things come good again for Cardiff but what annoys most supporters is the media just spends most of its time talking about Liverpool, man united, arsenal, Chelsea and spurs. The pundits go on for ages about these clubs and even if they have won the lesser team is forgotten.

In the light of the ched Evans situation I could see the European courts siding with the player for not being able to ply his trade. The guy is going to run a gauntlet of abuse whenever he plays so he's got some guts. Maybe as said new laws should come into future who break the law who are roll models.

A player should represent his club 24 hours a day, the players with big money, drink, night clubs ect are easy targets for trouble. Like every walk of life if your good at what you do all will be forgotten. the great thing is Cardiff are not invoved.

I can't see if it's not in present rules Evans can be denied to work, not condoning what has happened he must be given another chance. , perhaps offering part of his salary to charity could sway things. I'd have him at Cardiff.

Fair play to Vincent tan if he is willing to go back to the original kit colours

18 Sep 2014 13:46:12
David hockaday ex of Leeds to be new boss. rob

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17 Sep 2014 21:41:15
Cheerio ole

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It isn't rocket science to know a change of manager was on the cards but what stupid timing, the new guy will not be able to get his own players in till the next transfer window.

19 Aug 2014 00:30:44
Bit of an odd one but theophile Catherine has joined st etienne on loan.

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13 Aug 2014 19:37:17
Apparently we have signed Anthony pilkington from nor which for just over 1 million

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Would we be. Better with Anthony pullis.

With football all you here is about the top teams in the prem league, who to be truthfull often buy players so they can't play against them. I'm no Swansea fan but credit to Swansea for sticking with Gary monk and I just hope Cardiff give the present management team time, a managers job can be a lonely place for all the money they are paid.

Are those so called top teams so great not from what they did over the weekend, is the prem league as good as everyone goes on about, I would prefer to watch a team putting in a shift in and if its Cardiff a few local lads in the team.

Can't believe palace fined re spy gate go into any betting shop you can see any predicted team, also palace played the same team for weeks, if any advantage it should have been with us by changing the team knowing the information was out. Company's will be fined for market research next.

If we had won against palace we would still have been relegated, mistake may haveen made even by our own staff let's move on and not get mixed in a diversion would could effect this this season.

Vincent tan looks like he may have finished mackay in football all this fuss will bring unwanted attention to our club and we will miss out on promotion.

I do hope malloy mackay has done no wrong but what's wrong with people show business, members of govenment who think they are above the law who should be squeaky clean.

It's time football looked at itself cap wages and tranfer fees, Make clubs live within their means. The inland revenue must be laughing and is the only real winner with football awash with money.

Most times a person is knighted then the truth come out about their lives either over sex or money mind you it sells papers.

What so amazing is all this happened months ago just shows even in the workplace we all have to pretend to like each other.

As long as Cardiff havnt been defrauded of money this saga should be knocked on the head by the f. a. Let's face it most colleges at work I can't stand they all moan about each other trouble is today you can't speak your mind, at least they have stopped sending people to Australia.

Vincent tan and malky mackay should shake hands and end this matter they have both done great work for the club, who hasn't made a mistake in life.

Ok mr tan you have got your way moody and mackay will most likely never find another job in football . This matter should have been dealt with behind closed doors.

This whole situation is going to cause and stir up more problems than its worth wish the police could have spent as much time on solving true criminals.

With all the problems in the world a person to person text isn't exacle harming anyone, next thing it will be north v south in England. This whole matter may cause problems. Most supporters get on, let's hope this matter doesn't cause major problems should have been dealt with in house

I couldn't stand my boss who owned the firm, I often told him so but he never sacked me. Trouble with football a lucky shot of a defender your a hero a couple of mistakes your out. Would the Cardiff city situation have ended up like this if they had been top of the league guess it would have been swept under the carpet.

Mr tan didn't make any complaint when being promoted and doing well in the cup but as they say it's not what you did in the past, it's what's happening at the time.

Money will be made out of this situation barristers at £1000 an hour court costs plus the accused selling their story to the papers GIVE THE MONEY TO A CHARITY mr tan even in your own country.

Is Malaysia a dictatorship?

As long as a text not in anger it's banter. Just think of messages about referee decisions.

Malky mackay keeps being termed the scot in the news thought you couldn't say that anymore

It's most likely gone to far but mr tan would gain more respect by making up with malky mackay as Harry rednapp said who's gone through life without making a mistake.

Now we are at odds with the league management, mr tan don't make our club the laughing stock in football

I would say players and people of all kinds get on well in football it's seems you can dislike or make comments on ones own creed but anyone else it's made into a drama.

I don't know about malky mackay but where will Vincent tan end up after this saga especially after sinking millions into the club, has he handled the matter the wrong way almost making it a vendetta.

What about when managers lay into players at half time, that will be next on the list. Half of them would be out of a job.

If the owner of watford can forgive mackay tan can

Players have served jail sentences for serious offences and end up playing again, this situation with malky mackay if it's just a few text messages it madness blowing the situation out of proportion, have we all got to pretend to like each other.

If malky mackay and moody had a super injunction like pop stars do no one would have known.

If the truth was spoken many people are prejudice about one thing or another, if they checked all the the Peter perfect people's mobiles you'd find something. Mackay has worked in football 26 years seems harsh to talk of a ban, sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt you mr tan.

Money, money Southampton boasting the profit they have made no mention of the 27 million wasted on Ramirez and oswaldo now on loan, what have Cardiff made, bet money has been lost big time.

13 Aug 2014 18:41:14
Vegard forren is another target for centre back

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07 Aug 2014 22:17:05
Some reports are saying we are after Bordeaux's lamine sane

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All gone very quiet

25 Jul 2014 19:28:11
Kim Bo Kyung is reluctant to sign a new deal with Cardiff and could leave for £1.5m or for free next season.

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What a joke Celtic losing 6-1 being given a second chance if it was Cardiff who had lost by that score I wouldn't want to take it. The Warsaw teams opponents in the next round Maribor should be given a bye.

25 Jul 2014 19:26:10
Gary Medel has his heart set on Inter Milan but Cardiff are being realistic and see Galatasaray's £10m bid more suitable than Inter's loan offer.

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Has he stated that he wants to leave, or are we just assuming he has his heart set on a move?

25 Jul 2014 19:24:50
Cardiff have had two bids rejected by Southampton for 30 year old centre back Jose Fonte. The first, a mere £1.5m and the second being an improved £3. 25m. Southampton want £5m but Cardiff are confident that £4m will do.

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Get in for fonte. , saints board are asset stripping the club before they sell if you ask me. Saints supporter

Perhaps the player at saints know who taking over did cortese overspend bluebirds need to get fonte quick before the season starts.

Not everyone's favourite but Vincent tan wouldn't do what saints are doing let's hope Cardiff get back in the prem their supporters deserve it. Palace fan

25 Jul 2014 19:23:22
West Ham United, Leicester City and Burnley have all expressed some interest in Cardiff City striker Kenwyne Jones. He'll cost around £1m (completely over priced donkey). Leicester are desperate to land him after missing out on Campbell but Ole is keen keeping him.

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Surprised he's even worth a million. Could be good at this level however and with his huge wages, are any of those clubs going to offer him the same?


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